Tips for Hand and Wrist

Wrist pain can be reduced by gently moving the hand side to side, or with flexion and extension (patting a dog movement). Find the position that is most comfortable, and hold there for 10-30 seconds. Release and check the movement in the opposite direction for changes. Always move to the level which is comfortable and no further.

If you'd like a variation of this - move the wrist in

the direction it is most comfortable - side to side,

or up/ down - in a slow, rhythmic motion. Do not

move into an area of discomfort or "sticky" feeling.

Gradually increase the speed and/ or size of the movement.

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Hand and Wrist

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Misc. Tips

Joint pain in fingers can be from arthritis, or just gripping a pen or mouse for long periods. To help relieve those aches, gently move each joint in a slow range of motion - bend, straighten, twist and side to side movements. Some positions will have less movement, others more. Always move to the level which is comfortable and no further. You can rotate and bend the finger at each joint or as a unit. Several minutes of hand work will increase the blood flow and joint fluid.

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