Tips for Ankle and Foot Pain

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Ankle pain can remain long after a sprain has healed. This can be relived by using an isometric exercise. Take hold of your foot and gently move the sole first in toward the opposite leg, then outward. Find the position of most ease and hold it there with your hands. Now, gently move your foot back to a neutral position, while your hands give you a slight resistance in the movement. Movement should be slow and you should hold the resistance for 10-20 seconds. Release the resistance and let the foot continue on to the end of the movement. Recheck for mobility. Make sure all movements are within your comfort level. None of these moves should hurt!

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Feet can feel sore, tired or tight for a number of reasons. Addressing the individual bones can eliminate some or all of these issues. Toes have three bones (except the big toe, which has two.) Hold these bones at the joint and gently move them up down, right and left, or even a slight twisting movement. At some point, one of these moves will feel better than the other. Hold in that position for 10-30 seconds, then recheck the movement. The long "foot bones", or metatarsals, can also be moved in a "scissor" fashion toward the sole or top of the foot. Make sure all movements are within your comfort level - none of these moves should hurt.

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