• Tracy Gilliam

What is Comfort?

As an Ortho-Bionomy instructor and practitioner, I talk to my clients and students about finding comfort. But what IS comfort? Is it that soft, well worn shirt? Maybe comfort is the sleepy feeling you get when you are sitting next to a warm fire in the winter; the relaxed way you interact with your best friend; the way your body moves when you float in water or how you feel when you hear a baby laugh.

Comfort in Ortho-Bionomy terms is looking for the way the body WANTS to be, move or interact. We exaggerate the current position (what is comfortable), involve the nervous system and wait for whatever change the body is willing to make to increase the range of motion or reduce tension. But what if the body is stuck in a pattern and doesn’t understand how to stop or change?

We don’t grow unless there is an irritant or some pressure to move. Muscles put pressure on bones, so the bones lengthen and we get taller. A new job gives us opportunities to grow, both in the position and how we react to stress, deadlines, new environments and expectations, co-workers and learning in general. Feeling uncomfortable in a situation or within yourself, opens a door to change. With Ortho-Bionomy, we give options. Does A or B feel better? One will have more comfort, the other more discomfort. By offering the choices, comfort or irritant, we bring awareness to where we are in space and time and the body decides what is needed at that time. Perhaps it needs the extra tension in order to finally let go. Maybe the option had never been considered or recognized as a choice. Maybe it was just time for a change. Or, not yet.

The next time you feel out of sorts, pushed to your limit, out of your element, tight, tired, cranky, or just not yourself say Thanks for the opportunity to change. Take a breath. Adjust your body, your feelings, your outlook. Look at your choices, see the opportunities for change. Acknowledge where you are and what is necessary AT THAT MOMENT. Comfort and discomfort can both be something that feels good in the end.


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