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I've been doing some repair and upgrade work around the house. In the process I have come to appreciate using the correct tool for various jobs. There are currently seven tool boxes in my home - down from 12. One tool box holds nothing but screwdrivers and pliers. Another holds saws, files and safety goggles. One has socket wrenches and bits. One holds parts for the vehicles, another for household repairs. You get the idea.

Replacing my bathroom faucet required a screwdriver a wrench and some WD-40 to loosen the 30+ years of sediment. On my back, reaching around a pipe, I struggled to get the fitting loose. After 40 minutes and minimal movement, I called for reinforcements. I was convinced I was turning the nut and bolt the wrong direction and tightening, rather than loosening, the nut. My neighbor came over, with their tool box and handed me a socket wrench, rather than the clamp wrench I had been using. Within minutes, the nut and bolt were off and I had the new pipe and faucet in place. Another project - installing a dawn to dusk light - required initially drilling, and then screwing in the fixture. While the screwdriver worked well, using the bit on the drill was even easier and faster.

These projects reminded me of the multiple techniques I have learned and use over the years in my practice. There are many ways to loosen that tight hip, but finding the tool that fits best makes everything easier. Enter Ortho-Bionomy. When I apply the principles and concepts of the technique, there isn't the struggle, frustration and wait to see if it's what is needed. The client and I meet in the space that is comfortable for both of us. We acknowledge what is presented in the issue. Then together we find the correct "tool" or movement that allows them to find relief.

A long time ago I had some structural tightness. Nothing I did seemed to give me freedom of movement. In desperation, I saw a chiropractor. I say desperation, because my body doesn't usually respond well to chiropractic. The chiropractor told me the pubic synthesis was stuck, and then hit me with a rubber mallet. No permission asked, nor given. Just a swift whack. It did loosen the joint, but I was bruised for six months. When I asked for the hammer, he asked why? I said I wanted to try it out on him. He said "No way." I responded he didn't ask permission to use the hammer. He said he knew I would say no. I then told him, if he knew, or even THOUGHT it might be No, then it WAS a no! Since that time, I have learned a very gentle, effective, Ortho-Bionomy move to release a stuck pubic synthesis. No hammer - rubber or not - is necessary. I have a better tool in my toolbox.

Just as I have multiple tool boxes in my garage, I have multiple tools and techniques at my disposal during a session. Unlike my chiropractic experience, you always have the authority to say yes or no and have it respected.

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