• Tracy Gilliam


I made a weekend trip to Tulsa to see a concert recently. I had a great time seeing the architecture, watching artists blow glass, standing at the Center of the Universe (look it up), looking at tree sculptures and bronze statues, driving down Route 66 and of course attending the concert. I was in my own little world of exploring until I was jolted into a space I didn't like, and reminded me why I am an Ortho-Bionomist.

Walking to the BOK center, just to gauge how long it would take from the hotel to the concert, we bundled up against the wind and cold. I had my coat, hat and gloves on and had wrapped my scarf around my head as well, to block out the wind. As we were going up over the bridge, a single car at the light, drove up very slow until it was even with us. The driver leaned out the window with a look of hatred at us. He stopped his car and kept glaring. We made eye contact with him, but didn't speak, and kept walking. He finally drove up the street and disappeared around the corner. I checked the streets as we continued our walk, watchful for anyone standing or parked near our route.

I couldn't figure out why we were the recipient of such hatred, then realized he thought I was Muslim. With my head wrapped up in the scarf, he thought it was a hijab. That thought cut into me. To realize there are still people out there who judge another based only on their looks. Before you say I'm hypocritical, I admit I did judge him. But I judged his expression, not his structure, his skin color or fashion sense. I judged his expression to gauge my safety. I (assume) he was judging me based on where he thought I was from or what religion I practiced, based on what (he thought) I wore.

The beauty of Ortho-Bionomy is the lack of judgment. It's one of the reasons I wanted to become an instructor so many years ago. To spread the knowledge of how we can function easily, comfortably, and gently, without judging ourselves as being bad or wrong in our current mode. Once we accept ourselves, it is easier to not judge others and accept them as human beings.

I will continue to spread the word and the feeling of Ortho-Bionomy, with the hope one day we can all acknowledge our individual shortcomings and strengths with compassion and understanding.


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