• Tracy Gilliam


I've managed to stay fairly healthy and keep my office open for almost 24 years in business. That said, I realize how fortunate I am in my life.

My office spaces have burned; had the ceiling collapse; been sold out from under me to an new owner (who didn't want me leasing from them); had dead rats; a frog that emerged from the toilet; and a huge skunk walking around the parking lot; thousands of flies (from said rats); ghosts (whether you believe in them or not); been flooded with smells (dead animals, smoke, hair products to baking bread and chicken fried steak); had the phone line physically removed and tied multiple times around a ceiling fan while I was out at lunch; and several times a year, when I was downtown, had the parking blocked for city fair activities. Insurance covered me for the fire and ceiling collapse. Humor and family assistance got me through the rest.

Up until this year, I had an occasional cold or flu which closed my doors for a few days. Emergency surgery for a perforated appendix wasn't on my bucket list, but thankfully I don't have to repeat the experience. Again, insurance helped with the expenses and humor, family and friends helped me through the rest.

During massage training, we were advised to get insurance: health, disability, renters and car (for out calls.) I listened, and thankfully, followed through and purchased policies. Those were invaluable to me, when I needed them. What was even more invaluable was the help, support and care I received from family, friends and clients. That type of protection can't be purchased. Thank you for being there. I hope I can repay the favor. Until then, I'll pay it forward.


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