• Tracy Gilliam


Over the years I've noticed patterns. Patterns in how a particular body part is held when it's in pain. Patterns in how people react to imbalances. Even patterns in what shows up to be addressed in sessions each day.

Most days the pattern is set by the first session of the day. If that client is late, all the other clients will be late - except for the last one of the day, who will be early. If the first (or second) client has an issue with their shoulder, the rest of the day will be spent working on shoulders. Often I'm deep into the third session before I realize what's going on.

Though everyone may have a shoulder issue, the pain or imbalance is often very different person to person. One may have difficulty in rotation, another has a pain that starts in the neck and radiates down into the shoulder and arm. A third person may have pain only when sleeping.

I use what I've learned to help address each of these problems. We may discover placing a pillow or towel under the neck can help. Or having them resist a movement can unlock the restriction. It all starts with their awareness of what is "not right."

Once we have the initial focus, I can offer choices. Move to the left or right? Is a bolster better or would you prefer a rolled towel? Slow me down while I examine the range of movement, then we'll see if the restriction has decreased.

Everything is done with awareness, non-judgement and within the clients comfort level. No pain, no gain is NOT my motto. Move toward comfort is a better motto.

If you are interested in learning about your own patterns and how to change them, give me a call.




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