Phase 5    Georgetown, TX

May 4-5, 2019    9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Phase 5 is the level of listening to body signals at a deeper level. There are many times your body will “reset” itself and this class will help you learn how to recognize and assist the body in self corrective behavior. Students in class say this is like dipping into melted butter or warm chocolate – soft, relaxing and comforting. In Phase 5 we learn to support the body and be witness to the subtle changes that occur. Comfort, self awareness and non-judgement are major parts of this class.  Experience in Phase 4 is preferred but not required for this class. This class will be co-taught with Tracy Gilliam and Susan Schoeller.

Early Bird April 11  Cost $230, SOBI member $210

Registration: April 24  Cost $255, SOBI member $235

       One day fee: $175 (must register by April 24)

Late Registration: After April 24, class size permitting Cost is $310, SOBI member $290

Can you bring a massage table? Contact me before you send in funds!

Continuing Education Credits: 16

    applies to massage therapists and those working toward SOBI training program

This class will be co-taught by Tracy Gilliam and Susan Schoeller.

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