Office Policies

Effective March 1, 2020


* Respect for personal and professional boundaries (yours and mine) are required. I will be on time, prepared and focused on your needs. I expect you to have the same courtesy for my effort and my time.


* Please feel free to leave a message for me when it is convenient for you. I do check the phone between sessions and will return your call the same business day a message is received. Should a call be made after hours, it may be the following day before you receive a reply. You may also e-mail me. I do not have text capabilities on my phone.


* If you are ill or recovering from an illness I ask that you be free from symptoms for 24 hours before your session. Massage can spread a fever or symptoms through your system if you have not fully recovered. Illness is anything that can be transferred, including Poison Ivy/ Oak.


* Please try to give at least 24 hour notice if you need to cancel our session. A bill may be sent for the time scheduled if you do not show or call within this time frame. I realize there are always emergency exceptions-see above. Three no shows will result in a termination of our business relationship. Three cancellations with less than 24 hour notice (non-emergency) in a 12 month period will result in a restriction in scheduling on-line and may affect other aspects of our professional relationship.


* I maintain a cancellation list of people to call should an opening occur. If you would like to be on this list, let me know. You may call 512-869-0509 and let me know a friend would like the appointment you are canceling. If prior listed names are not interested I will be happy to call your friend.


* Communication is important. Please let me know about your comfort level during the session. This includes techniques and pressure, as well as lighting, sound and room temperature or any boundary issues you may have (ticklish, no scalp work, etc.) Discussions are kept confidential and information is not shared with others (insurance, physician) without your signed consent.


* Please keep me informed of any address or phone changes so that my files are accurate. I do not sell or share this information with anyone.


* The discount for the multiple sessions are valid ONLY if the sessions are prepaid. Prepaid is prior to or on the first session. You may share the multiple sessions with another household member. An hour session cannot be split into two half hour sessions without incurring an additional charge.


* Returned checks are charged a $40.00 fee and result in your becoming a cash only client.


* Any payment not made when due will incur a $20.00 late fee in addition to the session fee.


* Payments 30 days or more past due will be sent to collections and our professional relationship will be terminated.


* Gift certificates are no longer offered and any outstanding certificate must be redeemed by December 18, 2020.


* Discounts from coupons, specials or birthday cards must be presented in order to be applied to session fee. No exceptions.

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