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What Ortho-Bionomy® with Tracy offers

Ortho-Bionomy (pronounced Or-th-oh Bye-on-oh-me) offers you choices to create and keep comfort in your muscles and overall structure. We work together to make sure the techniques are done to your personal comfort level. You might be asked to lay on a massage table, sit in a chair, or walk around the room to facilitate the work.


Empowering each person to become more aware of their body as well as the habits which created the tension pattern is a large part of my practice. The personalized sessions are designed to give you tools to decrease your pain and give you knowledge to help yourself feel better. I do not "fix" you. I offer choices and let you decide what, when and where you need to make changes within your body.


For my clients:

My goal as an Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner is to help you find the position of most comfort. Gentle moves, supporting muscles in the preferred contraction or stretch or engaging muscles in a short isometric move allows you to become aware of where tension is held and start a re-education process of letting go.  By holding muscles in a way that does not create more pain, the body can start to relax. This allows increased release of serotonin and endorphins and a decrease of adrenaline output, creating a more relaxed internal environment for you, the client.


For Massage Therapists:

If you are a practicing massage therapist, my classes have approved Continuing Education credits from NCBTMB and the State of Texas. 


Learning Ortho-Bionomy can increase your life as a therapist.  Finding comfort starts with how you are relating to the client.  Does your back hurt from leaning over the table? Are your elbows and thumbs tired of deep work? Do you have an agenda for each session? If so, Ortho-Bionomy can give you a different perspective on working. You will learn how to listen and see the cues the body gives you. Your observation skills in noticing restricted patterns, breathing and movement will be increased. You may even find your palpation skills improving. 

How Can Ortho-Bionomy Help Me?


In Ortho-Bionomy, we believe the body has an innate ability to heal itself. As an example, when you get a cut you don't have to direct the body to heal. It does it on its own. Our body is designed to compensate for imbalances. Sometimes it doesn't return to "normal" and needs assistance to recognize the choices available which would allow it to work with less stress or tension. That's where Ortho-Bionomy comes into play.


By bringing your awareness to those places of compensation, we can offer choices: move to a different place or remain in the compensation pattern. We exaggerate those patterns slightly, which engages the nervous system. Using the nervous system allows the body to react faster and without the pain you might have if using deep tissue work.

It is always up to you whether to accept the choices offered. There is no judgement in Ortho-Bionomy. Where does it feel better? Would you like to try moving where there is less pain, or would you prefer to stay in a position you are familiar with and understand? Perhaps we haven't found the source and the area being addressed is a necessary support and needs to remain until the core issue has been addressed. By listening to your choices we can uncover ways to give you greater range of motion or ease. 
The choice is always yours.

For everyone:

If you only have time to check out one thing - look at my Tips and Techniques. I address various ailments such as low back pain, shoulder tightness, neck stiffness, arthritis, lymph drainage and more in my videos. There are lots of movements you can do at home. Click on the YouTube link at the bottom corner of any video to subscribe to my channel. 


If you have a group or organization who would like a speaker, please let me know. I would love to show your group how to move easier, with less pain.

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• Reduce tension and get relief from muscle pain and stress.
• Learn how to create comfort outside a session too!

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